AI Ouroboros

The Tale of the AI Education Ouroboros

Once upon a time, in a world where AI-generated educational courses were all the rage, people were positively giddy. They believed they had discovered a veritable goldmine, using AI to craft bespoke courses as if they were pulling rabbits out of a hat. “Eureka!” they hollered, with dreams of peddling these courses for piles of cash. Alas, they were blissfully unaware of the comedic twist looming on the horizon.

As fate would have it, the AI genie wasn’t exclusive to a privileged few. In a flash, folks everywhere grasped that they could simply give the AI lamp a rub and create their very own courses. The once-promising business scheme crumbled like an overbaked souffl√©, leaving in its wake a trail of shattered dreams and disillusioned entrepreneurs. Thus, the AI-generated course market stumbled into its laughable downfall, as learners everywhere rejoiced in their newfound freedom and self-education.

In the grand finale, amid chuckles and sniffles, AI ushered in an age of unparalleled self-education. Students, now crafting their own courses, gleefully waved goodbye to the era of sifting through infinite YouTube tutorials. With the AI as their personal tutor, just a question away from clarifying any confusion, the world wholeheartedly embraced the delightful absurdity of AI-generated education courses sold for money. And all the hacks of the world started using their own brains once again to create legitimate business models.

The End.